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Franklin, TN || September 10th-October 15th
Provided: Light snacks, journal, copy of How The Light Gets In by Pat Schneider.

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Hosts up to 12 people

Using a method created by acclaimed writer & poet, Pat Schneider, The Fold hosts several 6-8 week workshops throughout the year.

Each workshop hosts up to twelve participants and uses a variety of prompts to help writers and artists find their original voice. The participants write together each week and share their original work from the prompts. Responses are then given by the group using these five practices:

  1. Everyone is equal – there is no writing hierarchy.

  2. Respect Confidentiality & treat everything as fiction – focus on the writing, not the writer.

  3. Practice listening – only point out what is strong, what is working. No criticism.

  4. Craft is observed in one-on-ones & manuscript reviews.

  5. Workshop leader writes & reads along with participants.

The practices of this method are used to help create safety in The Fold. We respect one another’s writing and voice.

To read examples of the writing that is coming out of our workshops, click the button below!

The Fold has been a shot in the arm for me creatively. I’ve been part of a few different groups and each one has its own personality. But every time, there is the same spirit of welcome that has encouraged and inspired me in my writing.
— Sandra McCracken