A place to fill in w/ memories.
When I hold your key in my hand it whispers

Pictures floating on life sized canvases.
Of family. Of friends. those in the past, present and...soon, future.
You tell me to invite strangers in
To share meals & wine.
Laughter & tears.

You are the line who communicates w/ God
As our prayers and dreams bubble to the ceiling

The day we leave I will remind you that we will never forget you.
And tell you how thankful we are for a place like you.
For we have etched your walls w/ our heights & hearts

Before we stood in front of you...you were a figment of our imagination.
You opened your doors and told us
"I was built for you and your family.
Come in."

-God Is-

God is everywhere
In life. In death.
In song. In silence.
In play. In rest.
In pleasure. In pain.

God is everywhere.
In you. In me.
In her. In him.
In them. In us.
In friends. In enemies.

God is everywhere.
In certainties. In doubts.
In head. In heart.
In hands. In feet.
In light. In dark.

God is everywhere.
In soil. In toil.
In water. In blood.
In ink. In paper.
In space. In time.

God is.

Leslie Jordan