Your contributions & donations to The Fold help keep us going. They provide writers & songwriters the opportunity to attend workshops and retreats at discounted, or free, rates. Your donations also help us to train more workshop leaders in the AWA Method so that we can broaden our reach. 

This year alone, there are many opportunities for writers & songwriters to be involved in workshops & retreats here in the Nashville area and beyond. We are also planning our first songwriting trip to Haiti this November and providing certification & training through Amherst Writers & Artists for 3 new workshop leaders. We believe the impact of writers & songwriters having a safe community to find & share their voices will be astonishing - and it will be all because of your help! 

We are thankful for your partnership and could not do what we do without your support!

All donations are 100% Tax Deductible.


We also accept donations made by check made out to The Fold Writers & Artists and sent to:

The Fold Writers & Artists
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