I have had the privilege of writing alongside four groups of men & women since April in our first Fold Writing Workshops. These beautiful people arrived each week without expectation or knowledge of what prompts would be provided. And time after time, they brought their unique voice and creativity to their writing & responding. It is my absolute joy to launch our WILDFLOWER Blog Series with pieces written exclusively in our workshops. 

The following pieces are fresh, unedited, original, and in the voice of the writer. This is why we call them WILDFLOWERS - for they are untouched and have grown freely without our human intervention. 

At the bottom of each piece, you will be able to listen to the writer, in his/her own voice, as they read aloud their writing. This is a beautiful way to experience the fullness of the writing and the original voice of the writer. 

We hope you enjoy the experience of these WILDFLOWERS!

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan