-Mind Games-

To me, what may seem hidden
may be in plain sight to someone else.

In my old age, it’s not so much that I lose things,
it’s not even that I misplace them, 
it’s as if I hide things from myself.

I mean, one time I searched the flowerbed up and down
looking for my gloves and I swear I just had them.
Turns out, they were right in front of me the entire time, quite literally.
I was still wearing them.

But, from time to time this happens. 
My mind chooses to play little games of hide and seek with me
and I guess the crossword puzzles aren't enough any more, ya know?

Every once in a while I hear the sound of her gentle voice. 
The kind of voice everyone in a room would shift their hearts for. 
This voice could relax a bear or even the hungriest of lions.

And although, she’s been gone a while, I still feel her near every day. 
Yes, I know the mind plays games sometimes, but I'm okay playing this one.


Leslie Jordan