Our Vision

What is The Fold?


The Fold is a Nashville-based non-profit organization that exists to serve writers & artists who desire to serve the church. Through workshops, retreats, and a unique songwriting community, members of The Fold are able to find their original voice in the safety of community in order to create more authentic music and art.

The Fold was co-founded by Leslie Jordan and Chris DeTray. Leslie is one-half of the  Grammy-nominated duo All Sons & Daughters and Chris DeTray is a Nashville-based artist manager (Dave Barnes, All Sons & Daughters, Matt Wertz, & Sandra McCracken).

One year ago, Leslie felt a stirring and sensed that the word, “fold” would play a significant role in her future as a songwriter as she birthed a songwriting community at her church with 20 other songwriters. The writers came together with a desire to listen for the voice of God and to write what they heard. Leslie functioned as a connector of sorts for these budding & experienced songwriters to write for their church family. After attending a creative writing workshop in Amherst, MA and hosting a song-writing retreat, Leslie caught a glimpse of the work that God was calling her into. This calling turned into a vision for the non-profit and publishing company which led to her partnership with Chris DeTray.

As a former artist and current artist manager, Chris had also felt within himself a desire to see things change for the better for songwriters and artists in Nashville. His heart to walk alongside writers & artists and encourage them to create art that will impact the church was growing rapidly when he sat down with Leslie in December of 2016.

As they laid out their visions, Chris & Leslie began to ask if the two were one in the same. Following a time of prayer and vision-defining, Chris & Leslie decided to step out in faith to start The Fold Writers & Artists.

In February, Leslie became a certified AWA Affiliate (Amherst Writers & Artists) to begin leading creative writing workshops while Chris worked to secure their 501-C3 non-profit status in the state of Tennessee. They have since been gathering their board of directors and defining the future of The Fold.